Why I WILL NOT be buying BH Cosmetics eyeshadow products || Review


I have been searching for cheap eyeshadow palettes of good quality also. I came across BH Cosmetics when I was looking for brush sets. I did find a wonderful 36 pieces or so set of decent quality brushes for on $26. Since I was already on the site I thought why not buy a cheap palette while I was at it.


The colors and blushes seemed like pretty nice colors. I wasn’t too excited about the bright rose pink color that reminded me of a children’s makeup playset. Or the pale “blush” that I personally don’t think would look good on anyone. Overall, I thought I got a pretty good bang for my buck. I don’t believe I paid more than $20 for this palette.

Here are the blush swatches:


With flash


Natural lighting.

The blushes actually surprised me a bit. They definitely weren’t a Mac blush but were pretty good for the price. Like I already knew, the super pale color just looked ashy against my skin tone. I loved the shimmer burgundy color and all the others for a quick natural look. They were also pretty pigmented as you can see by the swatches.

Now here is where everything went down hill.

The eyeshadow swatches.


There was maybe 3 matte colors. I’m not a huge shimmer person so this did not work for me at all. Half the colors were ashy against my skin tone and super powdery. I can’t even imagine the fall out that this palette would create on my face. The dark color looked nothing like they did in the pan as they did on my skin. I’m still confused on the ingredients they used for the shadows to have a gritty feel.

Overall the 4 blushes were really cute and good for the price. The shadows I wish I could toss out, I felt like I was using a child’s makeup set with the chunks, dust, and ash they created. I only keep this product for the blushes that I still have yet to use.

If this product does work for you a salute you, I truly wished this product worked for me but it sadly did not.

If you guys have any comments on BH cosmetics good or bad comment about it. I’d love to hear other people’s experiences. Also comment your favorite eyeshadow palettes and why you love them! Enjoy the rest of your day sweethearts!

Love and Peace,


4 thoughts on “Why I WILL NOT be buying BH Cosmetics eyeshadow products || Review

    1. Oh I did love the way the Carli Bybel palette looked and in still interested in it but I think it’s just not the best palettes for tanner skin maybe? lol I’m happy it worked out for you! I’d love to see the looks you’ve created with them! Thank you for reading!

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    1. This will definitely be the palette for you! Try it maybe you’ll like it! It was only $16 or so and there’s always coupon codes for BH


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