IPSY JUNE BAG || My first bag!



Since I first heard of the company Ipsy, I wanted to try it. I was very skeptical and at the time a little too young to be putting my moms credit card information on a website we knew nothing about.

Finally at age 18 I signed up in the middle of May making me ineligible to get a May bag but good to go for the June bag. Here’s my first impressions on my products received and of the company!


The bag come in a shiny metallic purple pink shipping package, inside being the makeup bag that you get every month. This particular bag had red lipstick lips on the front. It’s nice to get a makeup bag every month, those will come in handy when traveling.


The first product I am met with is a The Balm blush. It’s a beautiful deep red color perfect for my skin tone. I do appreciate that Ipsy tries to give you products that are personalize to your likings. Definitely will be, and have been, using this product.


The next product I pull from the bag is a vibrant shimmer forest green eyeshadow from City Color. At first I was a bit skeptical of this product, thinking it would just be tons of fall out and ashy against my golden skin. Boy was I wrong. The swatch and when I used this product in a look. The pigmentation and consistency was incredible. I definitely loved this product, even more than the blush I was given. However, one thing that did bother me was that I was suppose to receive a gold version of this product and not the green one which was on my Ipsy app. But I still am not complaining about the product.



I’ve honestly never been a huge NYX fan, and I still am not. This product was the one bad one of the bunch. I completely disliked almost everything about this product. I did love the color. However, the formula is terrible, it smears and never fully dries, I could not see this being a lip product or a face product with how much it smears. Applicator is very soft, but does not help this streaky product.

This metallic gold eyeliner from Beauty for Real is definitely beautiful. It’s super pigmented, sharp, creamy, and clean. However, I do wish I got a little more product and that the liner didn’t pretend to be retractable, got my hopes up lol. The product would only last one use and be gone after that.



Last but not least, I was given a hair product. I am yet to try this product but it does have a very clean smell to it. I know this little tube is not enough for a full hairstyle with my super thick hair but it will be nice to try out this new product very soon.



Here are all the swatches and exact names of the makeup products mentioned in this post.

Overall I would give this Ipsy bag a 3/5 rating because of getting the wrong eyeshadow, and the NYX whipped mess. Just because some items did not work for me, does not mean it won’t work for you. If you love a product that I disliked, I’m happy it worked for you!

Comment if you would like me to do a tutorial with some of these products, or if you like my content give some feedback! I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you guys, and like this post if you’re enjoying your summer this far!




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