How to deep clean makeup brushes quick and easy ✔️

Once a week (depending on how often you wear makeup) you should be deep cleaning your brushes. 

  1. I use my It Cosmetics brush bath spray ($18 at ulta) and spray the brush I’m working on first then rub the brush as clean as possible on a towel specifically for my brush cleaning. Wetting the brush is not needed before or after the spray. Repeat to each brush allowing them to dry for about 2 minutes 
  2. Next I use a cheap bar soap. It doesn’t matter just as long as you would feel comfortable with it on your face. I rinse the brush under warm water. Then wet the soap bar. 
  3. Rub only the brush thoroughly on the soap bar. You will see the color of your makeup appear on the bar. 
  4. After 30 seconds or so rinse both the bar and the brush hairs. If you saw a lot of your makeup color on the soap the first time then repeat step 3. 
  5. Gently dry the brush on a towel. Maybe the backside of the first towel you used and lay flat to dry. 
  6. Repeat with other brushes. 
  7. Leave to dry overnight 

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