Double puffs

  1. First I rinse my hair in the shower (I rinse my hair and condition it every other day at night)
  2. I use Creme of Nature mango & shea butter conditioner and lather my hair with the product until saturated. Then I put my hair in a bun then finish my normal shower routine
  3. I rinse the conditioner fully out my hair with warm water. 
  4. I use a t-shirt to wrap my hair and leave to dry a little. 
  5. I section my hair in two with a straight middle part, then I apply my Cantu Leave-in conditioner  to my hair using the praying method.
  6. I then apply a dime size of my Cantu jojoba & tea tree oil & coconut oil mixture to my hair. 
  7. Next I apply Cantu Curling Creme as my styler.
  8. I put that side of my hair in a loose bun. 
  9. Repeat to the opposite side. Then wrap your scarf so you’re ready for bed. 
  10. The next morning, I work with one bun at a time. Using Ecostyler olive oil around the front, back, and near the part to lie the hair down. 
  11. Grab a soft bristle brush and run it quickly under water, enough to dampen it. Then brush along where you applied the gel. 
  12. Smooth the hair into a ponytail towards the back top corner of your head and pull tight but not too much to strain your edges. 
  13. Repeat to opposite side. 
  14. Finish off by pulling two short hairs out the sides and laying your baby hairs. 

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